Twelve Weeks of Somatic Mindfulness Qi Gong

Oct 21, 2019 – Jan 13, 2020

Qi Gong

It is your birthright to feel fit, flexible, adaptable and playful!

The fastest and most enjoyable way to celebrate and heal your mind and body is a daily practice.

20 minutes a day of Qi Gong, Embodied Awareness, Breathwork, and/or Meditation can change your life.

Qi Gong is an ancient form of exercise, healing, and prayer, developed by the Indigenous people of Asia.

Famous for its fluid dance-like gestures, Qi Gong focuses on deep relaxation, a balance of strength and flexibility, breathwork, somatic (embodied) awareness, and emotional intelligence.

All while deepening your relationship with your inner life and the natural world.

Somatic Mindfulness

Somatic Mindfulness is a form of Trauma Release Therapy and a form of daily personal practice. This healing process involves instinctual movement and awareness, transformational breathwork, guided meditation, bodywork, Qi Gong and Shamanic Journeying.

Somatic Mindfulness is also a form of therapeutic counseling, supporting people in the process of resolving trauma, addiction, chronic pain, and autoimmune disease. 


In our most instinctual moments, we sigh, scream, gasp, moan, inhale suddenly or yawn from fatigue.

Breathing is a metaphor for how we experience our lives, expansively or constrained.

Breathwork is an almost effortless way to reconnect with your instincts, balance your stress hormones, reduce inflammation and releive pain.

Breathwork is also a profound opportunity to develop a safe and tangible relationship with your health, your past experiences, your memories and the stories that can keep any of us paralyzed in our lives.

Explore Your Embodied Awareness

There are so many common sayings that remind us of a state of being. People can feel hot-blooded, have butterflies in their tummy, be crushed with grief, start shaking with rage and a thousand other experiences.

In our busy modern screen centered lives, we have lost connection with our bodies. This allows stress, poor posture, chronic stiffness and many symptoms of chronic illness to gradually worsen without our awareness of what is happening.

By learning how your instincts and emotions inhabit your body, your ability to be present to your experience and to those around you will change forever.

~ Week One ~

Self Regulation and Embodied Distress

The gradual journey into presence begins with self-regulation.


Opening Your Practice

Expanding and Settling Your Qi

Regulation Breathwork

Embodied Instinctual Distress

~ Week Two ~

Stillness and Active Relaxation

Explore the Opposite of the Fight or Flight Response

Opening Your Practice – Review

Deep Stretching Flow – one

Releasing Breathwork

Seated – Rocking and Releasing

~ Week Three~

Three Paths and Three Selves

Develop a Raodmap to Your Unique Inner Landscape

Restorative Breathwork

Opening Your Pelvis and Hips

Three Paths and Three Selves – Zheng Qi

Standing Meditation ~ Fundamentals

Seated Meditation – Receiving

~ Week Four ~

Being Mindful of Your Ego, Instincts, and Innate Minds

Explore Your Innate Minds and Meet Your Whole self 

Your Six Innate Minds

Breathwork Review

Visceral and Social Trauma Patterns

Seated Deep Healing Flow

~ Week Five~

Core Strength and Free Form Tai Chi

Bring Together Your Stillness, Strength and Intuition

Melting Body Qi Gong Review

State Shift Breathwork

Freeform Tai Chi

Core Strength Flow – one

Embodie Awareness Review

~ Week Six ~

Honoring Your Narrative

Mindfulness, Discernement and Compassion are States of Being.

State Shift Breathwork

Narrative and State

Standing Deep Healing flow

Seated – Honoring Narrative Practice

~ Week Seven ~

Your Microcosmic Orbit

Immerse Your Awareness in Adaptability and Truth

Qi Gong Review

Breathwork Review

The 4 Needs of Being

Innate Minds, Discerment, and Authenticity

Seated – Your Microcosmic Orbit

~ Week Eight ~

Dynamic Fexibility

Become Flexible in a Dynamic and Functional Way

Open Your Spine and Waist

Seated – Shaolin Breathwork

Deep Stretching Flow – two

Eight Peices of Brocade (The Ba Duan Jin) – one

~ Week Nine ~

Restoring Your Jingshen

Somatic Healing from the Inside Out

Transformational Breathwork

Somatic Mindfulness and Breathwork Review

Microcosmic Orbit – two

Support Your Neurotransmitters and Stress Hormones

The Ba Duan Jin – two

~ Week Ten ~

Inner Alignment 

Align your Innate Minds, Selves, and Needs

Connect your Innate Minds, Selves, and Needs

State Shift Breathwork

Standing Meditation and Transforming your Energy Centers 

Self Healing Massage

~ Week Eleven ~

Self Renewal and Reconnecting with Nature

Embrace Nature’s Wisdom of Connection and Collaboration

Self-Renewal and Cleansing Qi Gong

Tree Qi Gong

Seated and Lying Trance Breathwork

Sunrise Honoring Qi Gong

~ Week Twelve ~

Building a Daily practice

Your Daily Practice Needs to be as Unique as You

Existential Healing

A Practice for Invigorating

A Practice for Healing

A Practice for Calming

Oct 21, 2019 – Jan 20, 2020

Mondays at 6:30 pm, PST

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