~ Day One ~

Welcome to Your 49 Day Rite of Passage

Coming Home to Self-Awareness

Welcome to Day ONE!

All of the practices you are going to experience over the next seven weeks focus on three things; Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, and Somatic Reorientation.

Self-Awareness is an opportunity to experience your Authentic Self and your Deepest Truth. A daily practice of regular check-ins can fundamentally change your outlook on life.

Self-Regulation is like finding the eye of a hurricane. Consistent Self-Regulation is the gateway to resting and rebuilding your Inner Landscape while also regaining a reliable sense of Adaptability.

Somatic Reorientation begins with exploring your Embodied State, Emotional Intelligence, Intuition, and Existential Disorientations.

Traditional practices like Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Trance Breathwork, and many others only exist because human beings need self-regulation and awareness practices that bring us back into our embodied and present lives.

I truly hope that you will take this opportunity to transform your life from the inside out.


Today we cover a lot. I want you to experience a few different practices so you can feel what seems natural and what seems challenging.

We will begin with a conversation about navigating the 49 Day process. This can be a life-changing experience, it only asks consistency and Self-Devotion.

This process will need about 30 minutes a day EVERY DAY for 49 Days

Then we will explore the Embodiment of Spiritual Warriorship. An ancient teaching on coming into being as your whole self.

This combination of discipline and inner resolve are more potent with some Breathwork, Meditation, Qi Gong, and a Shamanic perspective on competition.

Enjoy the eye of your hurricane!




  • Welcoming Your 49 Days

    How to get the most from the course- in your own way
  • Standing Meditation

    Embodied Spiritual Warriorship
  • Shamanic Journey

    Running a Marathon
  • Breathwork Instruction

    Self-Regulation Breathwork
  • Guided Breathwork

    Feeling Your Inner Egg
  • Guided Meditation

    Self-Regulation, Filling Your Egg, Finding the Eye of Your hurricane
regulation breath audio
regulation breath audio

Welcoming Your 49 – Day Rite of Passage

This training process will give you access to many experiential opportunities and practices.

You can choose certain practices or you can take a deep dive into all of these transformational resources.

This is a Rite of Passage. It is about personal growth, social collaboration, and self-discipline. You must commit 30 minutes per day for the full 49-Days.

Today we will enter into state while giving our narrative, our instincts and our visceral distress some well deserved time off.

Embodied Spiritual Warriorship and Self Regulation Breathwork are the focus of the day!

Standing Meditation

Orientation is Everything!

How we come into being, how we face our lives, our desire for peace over conflict all determine our embodied state and our ability to interact with others skillfully. This video is a traditional Daoist teaching on Body language, Somatic Orientation, and Presence

An introduction to the fundamentals of Embodied Spiritual Warriorship and Zhan Zhuang – Standing Meditation.

We will focus on the embodiment of the Daoist teaching on Zheng Qi – Resolve and Aliveness

Shamanic Journey

Running a Marathon

A Shamanic Journey is an Experiential processing practice that brings us into an imaginative and dynamic relationship with a specific challenge we all face in life.

Self-Regulation Breathwork

This is a short instructional video on Incremental Breathing, filling your Inner Egg, and Self-Regulation.

Regulation Breath Video

regulation breath audio
regulation breath audio

Guided Breathwork Practice

This is an audio-only practice timer with a heartbeat and ocean sounds.

A gong will sound every minute and occasional gentle reminders will be included.

5-minutes – Connect with your Breath Count and explore your Inner Egg.

15 Minute Guided Meditation

This is an audio-only practice timer with a heartbeat and ocean sounds.

A gong will sound every minute and occasional gentle reminders will be included.

5-minutes – Self-Regulation Breathing

5 minute  – feel and fill your egg

5 minutes –  rest and restore yourself in the eye of your hurricane

Begin Day Two