A Monastic Rite of Passage at Home

An Invitation…

Hello, my name is Dr. Michael Smith

and I invite you to join me on a

49-Day Mindfulness Rite of Passage.

Is it time to gather your resources and commit to a path of healing?

Is it time to face some hard truths and replace old limiting habits and beleifs?

Are you feeling called to begin a daily Spiritual Practice?

Are you ready to take your life, fitness, and passion to the next level?

Do you need support and guidance to commit to changing your life?

Do you need to commit to yourself deeper than you ever have before?

I invite you to Join me, EVERYDAY

from Feb. 3 –  to – March 24, 2020

for a live 20 minute training in



Qi Gong

Somatic Mindfulness

As well as daily Cold Showers, weekly Shamanic Journeying, and a chance to learn about Inner Dialoguing, basic Neuroscience, and some
good Wisdom from the Ancestors.
A Rite of Passage is a chance to commit to your growth while being supported by a circle of
peers and guides on the same path.
Give yourself seven weeks to connect with your deepest resources, release your past and develop your sense of

Discernment and Autonomy.

This will call on your patience, willingness, and resources.

Can you commit to a daily practice for seven weeks?

The 49-Day process was designed for

those who are seeking an authentic relationship with their life,

people recovering from addiction and/or chronic disease,

those releasing trauma and trying to find themselves again,

and those who are seeking their maximum capacity as a person, entrepreneur or an athlete. 

This is an Initiation into a Daily Mindfulness and Breathwork Practice and a Daily authentic relationship with your whole life and your whole self. 

It is also a fun and dynamic adventure!

Join 49-Days of Mindfulness

 A Daily Commitment

Do you need to shift the direction of your life?

A daily practice is the most effective and enjoyable way the change your life.

It just takes enough Self-Love, Discipline and Spiritual Curiosity to find out how resourceful, aligned, and committed you really are.

Each day, we will gather online and explore some of the following Essential Resources.

The focus will shift each day of the week. 

A Process…

Seven Weeks of Daily Practice

Each week we will focus on a specific aspect of life.

In weeks one to six, the focus will be on each of your Innate Minds or Energy Centers.

In week seven we will explore your higher conscious connections to your Authentic Self, Creation and the Natural World.

“A Reunion with Your Innate Inner Landscape”

A Purpose…

This 49-Day Journey is a Rite of Passage.

A Rite of Passage serves four innate needs of living.

A Need to change the foundation you stand on.

A Need to look deeply into your past and your character so you can finally let go, forgive and move on.

A Need to know yourself as an adaptable, coherant, and committed person.

A Need to be met, held and honored by a community of peers and guides.

What is a Rite of Passage?

Your instincts, intuition, and inner wisdom

have needs and only change with time and inention.

For most of human history, we became self-aware, adaptable, socially connected and internally resourceful through Rites of Passage. From fasting to extreme physical challenges, humans used to become self-aware in the context of a ritual – an experience shared by everyone.

Today, we have no similar way to build personal confidence and social connection. When it is time to go deeper into ourselves, to do the really hard personal work, we have little guidance or examples for finding our authentic self or finding our way to the eye of our indivudual hurricane.

The 49-Day process is an invitation to commit some attention to your self, your life, your breath and your spiritual curiosity. Every day, you will find many opportunities to reflect on your life while creating a passionate and meaningful future.

Why 49 Days?

Real power is in the

balance of extremes…

In most Eastern Spiritual traditions, 49-Days is a very potent and meaningful period of time.

In Daoism, a 49 Day Rite of Passage offers a person a time of renewal and restoration through contemplation, dedicated practice and an invigorating lifestyle.

Done alone or in groups, this Sacred practice includes Meditation, Breathwork, Somatic Mindfulness, Qi Gong, Wisdom Teachings, and Shamanic Journeying among other skills to support an inner restoration and evolution of one’s life and spiritual journey.

A Daily Practice Changes Everything!

Because this a 21sy Century 49-Day process, I have included some Neuroscience and Metabolic Deep Dives on how meditation, breathwork, cold showers, and trauma release work from a scientific perspective.

You will be encouraged to stay sober and take Cold Showers every day.

I have also included the ‘meditation for busy people‘ called Inner Dialoguing to make this traditional practice as meaningful and effective as possible.

Neuroplasticity tells us that your Mind and Body can transform and heal by remembering your whole self in a new way!

My First 49 Day Rite of Passage

I experienced my first 49-Day Ritual at 23 years of age, living as a hermit, deciding if I would live as a priest or live as a doctor.

I was training three to hours a day as a part of my commitment and the experience completely changed my life.

In this video, I share why Rites of Passage still exist and tell the story of learning to live from the inside out in i video.

If you are in need of a personal challenge,

I encourage you to dig deep and find the resolve to be consistent with your daily practice.

Even if it is only 15 minutes a day!

A review of some fundamental human needs and story about learning to live from the inside out!

100 Days or 49 Weeks Instead?

100 Days of Committment

If you cannot commit to joining the daily training and practice sessions, but still want to challenge yourself while learning all of these skills and resources, then give yourself 100 days.

You will still be invited to the live Q&A sessions on Sundays, which will continue until you have completed your journey.

There will be a closing ceremony on a date chosen by your group in mid-January 2020.

49 Week Solo Journey

It is a Daoist tradition to wander freely alone and learn intuitively for a while. 

As a person who enjoys being a hermit, I completely respect working with people who like to learn and practice in their own way.

If you would rather learn all of these skills and resources at your own pace, then take 49 weeks to complete your journey.

Commit to Yourself, and Come Home to Your Tribe!

Feb 3 – March 24, 2020

Daily at 8:00 am, PST

49-Days of Mindfulness – LIVE!

$397.00 – for access to the daily live online experience

Access to all video and audio content as it is published 

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Feb 3 – May 14, 2020

Almost Daily

100-Days of Mindfulness

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Feb 3, 2020 – Jan 11, 2021

Whenever it fits in your flow!

49-Weeks of Mindfulness


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