Life is a

DAILY Practice

Self-Reflection, Awareness, and Discernment

What if you applied a natural meditative awareness to your life for three deep breaths a few times a day?

The Somatic Mindfulness Process is a form of Somatic Therapy and a daily practice. As a form of therapy, Somatic Mindfulness asks you to develop a conscious and deliberate relationship with your embodied, or ‘felt sense’ experience. This includes your posture, how you breathe, how amped up your nervous system and stress hormones are, and the subtle ways that your emotional experience makes your whole body feel.

In a therapeutic setting, the focus is on processing embodied trauma, relieving physical and emotional pain, while tapping into your deepest and most authentic personal resources.

As a daily practice, Somatic Mindfulness is a combination of Meditation, Breathwork, Body/Mind Reintegration, Metabolic Fitness, and Sobriety. Every day, a few times per day, you will be asked to find a creative and meaningful way to connect to your experience and your resourcefulness. This is a process and will guide you into a more tangible relationship with your nervous system, your instinctual and emotional triggers, and how to reorient yourself after a stressful experience.

What is a Somatic Mindfulness Session Like?

A Conversation, an Embodied Process, and a Pathway Home to Your Authentic Self.

How is your embodied state?
What is the story hidden in your inner narrative?
Have you ever made a connection that is about presence, truth, and processing your inner pain and turmoil?


A Somatic Mindfulness Process session is a conversation, a body-centered chance to feel your life, a spontaneous therapeutic movement and breathwork class, and an opportunity to learn and develop the skills and resources necessary to engage in a daily mindfulnnes practice.

Somatic Mindfulness Process is also a daily practice.

During a therapeutic seesion, you may choose to focus on your narrative or your state depending on where your personal practice is taking you.

Your narrative may lead you into a deeply personal conversation, a Shamanic Journey into a frozen feeling, or an Inner Dialoguing session to have a more honest relationship with the voices in your head. We all have those…

If you need to go deeper into your embodied and emotional state, you may find yourself learning to breathe, move and be still in new ways. You may also need to reorient your state with more powerful breathwork, intuitive movement or even need some grounding bodywork. 

Three Ways to Begin Your Journey and Practice

Bringing a daily practice into your life changes everything!

Instead of predicting future stressors you can create a conscious and patient outcome.

20 minutes of deeply personal and conscious connection with your narrative, your intense feelings, your past traumas, your addictions, and your health is a path towards meeting your authentic self.

Regain your Autonomy, Adaptability, Coherence, and Sense of Belonging

Work with Dr. Michael Smith One-on-One

I have been in clinical practice almost 25 years.

Understanding the root cause and getting my patients on the best protocol is good medicine, but it is only step one.

I developed the Somatic Mindfulness Process to support patients with chronic illness, addiction, and/or PTSD resolve patterns of behavior, release embodied distress, and reawaken their birthright of playful presence.

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Do You Need Clinical and Metabolic Support?

Sometimes the best way to begin an inner healing journey is to take care of your physical body, metabolism and immune system.

If you need to get your lifestyle and habits focused on resolving a complex medical condition, then I encourage you to work with an Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, or a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. 

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